Surfshark: the VPN that will secure your digital life

Surfshark Vpn

Securing your digital life doesn't sound like that. And yet, you are probably the first to no longer bear to see targeted ads appearing on Insta just after saying the name or even thinking of a brand, or freaking out when a friend tells you that she has been impersonated or hijack his credit card.

Reference VPN , Surfshark stands out as the safest barrier to avoid the inconvenience of browsing head in the air (those that run with two passwords: we see you). But concretely, what is it for and how does it work?

“I am entering a tunnel”

A Virtual Private Network like Surfshark is based on a very simple principle: once activated, it secures your pro or personal computers but also your smartphone and tablet via an app that runs in the background, acting as an intermediate buffer which does not let your information filter. It creates a bubble of protection between you and the internet, much like you're in a tunnel. Your passwords, bank details and websites visited remain private. No wonder, then, that today around one in three French people use a VPN ...

Only one subscription is needed for all of its connected devices and, as Do it in Paris is all the good news, you can take advantage of a Surfshark offer of 82% off with 2 months free, then a plan much cheaper than the competetion.

Change country from your sofa

As the VPN makes it possible to appropriate IP addresses of servers all over the world, Surfshark allows you to bypass geoblocks. In other words, and the info will be of interest to series addicts or expats who dream of being replays of French TV: a VPN offers you the possibility of pretending to be a Frenchman abroad like an American since France. And therefore, take advantage of the new HBO / Netflix / Amazon series before they arrive in France.

Chic: from Paris, we launch Dexter or The Affair on US Netflix or The L World , Annette or Flack on Amazon Prime Video from a British IP address. Borders ? Not know.


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