The Guerlain apartment with 100 fragrances

Guerlain Boutique

The place: back to the origins of the illustrious house that has just opened this super chic boutique exclusively dedicated to perfume. An upscale space, conceived like a beautiful Parisian apartment, featuring the 111 fragrances of the label.

Zoom on: Promenade des Anglais, a wild escapade on the French Riviera (bergamot, fig, iris). Pure glam for this exclusive perfume reserved for Guerlain boutiques (205€ les 125ml).

The plus: the 2.0 olfactive tablet diagnosis, to be sure and find the right fragrance and the snappy personalization of the iconic Abeille bottle (bottle, ribbon, bow, engraving…).


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Where to find it?

Guerlain Parfumeur

392, rue Saint-Honoré

75001 Paris

01 42 60 68 61

Concorde Concorde

Madeleine Madeleine

Concorde Concorde

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