The magic powder of Jewish Princesses

Body Scrub

The it-girls of Tel-Aviv and New Yorkers swear by the pretty cult Israeli cosmetics brand SABON that has become a weapon for massive seduction with its bewitching scents of aromatherapy and phytotherapy.

The product it’s easy to get hooked to? Seduction rubbing with Musk, an addictive candy-like fragrance  that makes skin divinely soft...

Its high-added value? Salts from the Dead Sea that erase skin imperfections in addition to its other virtues: appeasing, relaxing, purifying.

Where to find it? At the Madeleine (25 rue Tronchet, 8th), but obviously we prefer their boudoir on rue des Rosiers.

Body Scrub. 500 ml. 30€

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Where to find it?


32 rue des Rosiers

75004 Paris

01 44 61 45 96

Saint-paul (le Marais) Saint-paul (le Marais)

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