The new sport-miracle in 20 minutes flat

New Le Nouveau Sport En 20 Chrono

Remember the name: XBody by Fuse Concept, it’s THE new sport of fit-girls that is going to zap and eliminate unwanted flab before the bikini test thanks to its high-tech equipment. It’s quite simple, twenty small minutes of training, equivalent to 1h30 of a classic cardio session.

The first studio entirely dedicated to this new concept based on electro-stimulation has just opened in Paris. Followed by a coach, you perform a certain number of movements (squats, splits, traction…) while the system sends out electric impulsions. Nothing painful, just vibrations, small tingling in the hands or massaging jets, that produce in depth muscular contractions. Result, you draw directly from the fatty tissues.

We love: showing up with our hands in our pockets. Because here everything is supplied: a tee-shirt, a pair of leggings, a one-piece suit covered with electrodes worthy of a special commando unit member and a super connected machine like an iPad.

Tip top, the calorie burning effect lasts up to 3 days.   So with two sessions per week, you are sure to quickly trim down to an ultra fit silhouette.

The plus: sessions can be solo, for two or three, on the site or at home, everything is possible.

Open Monday to Friday from 7am to 9pm. Saturday from 9am to 6pm. Sunday from 10:30 to 4pm.

At the studio starting at 39,50€ for a 20 min session. At home starting at 80€ for a 60 min session.

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Where to find it?

XBody France BY Fuse Concept

1/3 rue de Penthièvre

Paris 75008

01 42 65 94 28

Miromesnil Miromesnil

Saint-augustin Saint-augustin

Miromesnil Miromesnil

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