A very Gatsby bottle !

Visuels Rochas 2

It’s the wildly couture and totally « French touch » bottle, a cult piece that all real Parisiennes must own, just like a labeled scarf, a pair of Louboutin or a divine tuxedo jacket.

Much more than a super chic perfume, it’s the glamour and elegant universe of the Maison Rochas epitomized by this bottle: the Roaring Twenties, wild parties, femmes fatales, satin dresses and lace bodices, the essence of femininity, in short, Parisian magic!

Imagine a jewel case bottle with amazing allure, all in crystaline transparence, that one would easily imagine in a Gatsby decor or a cabinet of curiosities; a bottle that is sure to give the chic touch to your bathroom but also to enhance the neck of a woman in just one «deluxe pschitt ».

Its heart asset ? A furiously fresh juice in keeping with the times: a water with essences of tangarine, narcissus and wild rose …

Eau de Rochas

Suggested retail prices :

Eau de toilette spray 50 ml : 38€*

Eau de toilette spray 100 ml : 60€*

*Recommended price sale, the distributor is the sole master of his sale prices.


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