The temple of Parisian yoga girls

Yoga Searcher center in Paris

For whom? Yoga girls (beginners of not) and all those on the lookout for J-Lo style outfits, comfy and great looking: support bra and supple leggings that lift the fanny.

The place: right near Bastille, a haven of serenity that runs the gamut of everything the perfect yogi might need, with a relaxation space, colourful carpets, a small fountain, bouddha and even a vegetal wall. Incubated near Hossegor by Bénédicte Peroz, a yoga buff and François Payot, founder of the brand Rip Curl, Yoga Searcher opened its first Parisian boutique two years ago.

In the equipment department : absolutely everything that you will need to find you inside peace and open up your chakras. Carpet, foldable meditation bench (€80), bricks (€12) cushions (€45), blankets (€55) and even books to work on your postures, as well as cosmetics (solid shampoo, oils, balms) and healthy nibbles (granolas, Juice Lab juices, Chic des plantes ! tea served to the clients...) and even nice jewellery. Without forgetting of course perfectly fitted outfits: fleece hoodie (€149 €), fab tie and dye leggings in bamboo fibers (€99) and push up glitter bras. Because while you are at it, might as well practice in style.

To be noted : hidden in the lower level, a nice “Breathe by Yoga Searcher” room to practice on site place yoga and meditation.

Open Monday to Friday from 11am-7pm, on Saturday from 10am-7pm.

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Where to find it?

Yoga Searcher

53 Boulevard Beaumarchais

75003 Paris

01 44 61 02 94

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Chemin Vert Chemin Vert

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