Bikram is dead: hurray for hot yoga!

Hot yoga Session

We have good news for Parisiennes on the lookout for sports practices that make you slimmer, enhance muscle tone and give you glow without making you suffer to death...

You are going to adore the new yoga phenomenon straight from Los Angeles and that is already taking Paris by storm.

Very different from bikram, hot yoga takes place in a temperature ranging between 29 and 35°. It combines the precision of therapeutic yoga (high breathing respiration, detox that help with all the urban ailments) + exercises of power yoga for fitness ( arms, abs…), all in a room specially heated by Infrarouge which enables to calm stress and accentuate the cardio side.

We like: a practice that gives you instant glow, as though you were coming out of a treatment at the spa. It provides immediate anti hangover and white night effect.

To be noted: often used in contemporary Chinese medicine to re-establish the right ying-yang balance, the infrared lamps are particularly recommended in the Fall  when our lungs are under duress.

Where to go? At Snake and twist, the new ultra trendy yoga center launched by Marcia Cr. To be noted an amazing Course play list starting at 25 euros. All the info on . Chez Paris Modo Yoga Paris, in the Marais. Course at 5 euros on Fridays between 7am and 9pm. All the info on Chez YUJ Yoga Studio, in the 7th arrondissement. Course at 30 euros every day between 7:30am and 8pm. All the information on


Also Discover The favourite subcription of healthy parisiennes and Avaton, a new very chic sports club at the Trocadéro.

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