A chocolate hide-and-go-seek in the Marais


Send off on Saturday at 3:30pm for a chic and gourmet treat near the Fées Pâtissières boutique.

The couture pastry shop has hidden a score of its enchanted mouthfuls in the Marais. A number of tips and hints will be provided in order to encourage participants with a sweet tooth. Keep your eyes peeled to be part of the five first contenders who will win a large Easter egg. The fifteen following winners will be rewarded with sachets of chocolate tidbits. So get ready to play. Great, all the participants are awaited at the end for a cocktail and a tasting of homemade chocolates and colorful marshmallows.

La chasse aux œufs des Fées Pâtissières, Saturday the 28th of  March at 3:30pm:

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