Alexandra Lamy goes on stage !

No need to present Alexandra Lamy, unforgettable «chouchou» of Jean Dujardin.

Good news ! She is going back to her first love theater, with the play: La Vénus au Phacochère.

The story? In 1896, Misia, a socialist pianist, finds herself in a lover’s dilemma. On the one side, Thadée, founder of an insider Parisian review and on the other, the wealthy Edwards prepared to go to great lengths in order to separate her from her loved one.

Sensual, filled with grace and emotion, Alexandra Lamy incarnates all at once the three protagonists of the Belle Epoque era.

We adore : the waltz of emotions, making us go from laughs to tears, with a comedian filled with sensuality and high energy.

To be noted : author Christian Siméon received the 2012 Durance prize at the Festival de Grignan for his Vénus au Phacochère.

La Vénus au Phacochère

From 10 January to 16 February

written by

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