Black Mirror : c’est reparti !

Black Mirror Saison 5

After the interactive Bandersnatch episode that left fans hungry, the scariest dystopian series in history is back on Netflix for a season 5 with (only) three opus. Episodes of a new kind to be enjoyed in a dropper. Why don't you come back?

Because the pitches are amazing

Entitled Striking Vipers , the first episode should appeal to video game addicts. The pitch? Two college buddies meet twenty years later to play their favorite kung fu game. But the game gets seriously out of hand when their avatars start a hot affair. How will the players, the one tidy father, the other playboy who cannot settle down, manage their sexual impulses in real life ?

Extrait de la saison 5 de Black mirror avec Pom Klementieff

The tension escalates in episode 2, Smithereens , the adrenaline-fueled story of the kidnapping of an intern working for a major social network by an Uber driver with suicidal tendencies. His demands: to speak to the boss of the app who, ironically, is in digital detox in the depths of Utah.

The climax is reached with episode 3 (our favorite, addictive until the end): Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too , which tells the adventures of a lonely teenager addicted to the robot doll of her idol: a starlet at the end of the roll exploited by her aunt and manager who drugs her without her knowledge so that she produces hits on the chain.

Because the light is (finally) at the end of the tunnel

True to its DNA, the series continues to explore our addictions to social media and the way technologies impact human relationships. But scoop: in a version much less dark and suffocating.

Digital cloning, existential loneliness… We find the themes dear to Charlie Brooker , the show's creator, this time infused with lighter twists, even downright feel good (in the last episode). Phew, all is not screwed up! You won't want to hang yourself at the end.

Because Miley Cyrus

But what is the queen of twerk doing in the anthology series everyone is talking about? Answer: a stroke of genius! Who better than she to play a drifting pop star, whose mind has been uploaded to a robot and who regains control of his destiny after being pushed to the limit by a toxic entourage? The singer takes the mask off and is touching and ultra convincing in this ultimate canon opus.

Also discover Mouche , the new hallucinating series with Camille Cottin .

Season 5 unreleased June 5 on Netflix

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