Black toothpaste: the secret of stars !

Black Is White

Finally some good news for die-hard consumers of coffee, cigarettes and other ingredients that have negative side effects on your teeth. Forget chemical teeth whiteners and other super expensive abrasion techniques, we have a very NATURAL solution that is just as efficient and at a very affordable price...

The Swiss brand Curaprox has imagined « Black is White », a black toothpaste that has a whitening effect on your teeth thanks to a totally natural ingredient: activated carbon.

A few scientific explanations: the activated carbon present in these tubes enables users not only to brush their teeth with black toothpaste (so fun) but also to eliminate any potential colorations due to what you impose on your teeth all day long.

Its magical effect: immediate whitening, starting with the very first tooth brushing thanks to the blueish effect of the carbon that removes discoloration without abrading or bleaching –the lemon flavor gives you instant fresh breath, for two in one use!

Curaprox – Black is White, 27,50 euros

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