Three good reasons to go see the new Tim Burton


Do you know the story of Dumbo , this baby elephant born in a circus and able to fly thanks to his big ears? Prepare to be blown away by the spectacular version of the great Tim Burton . With Eva Green and Colin Farrell at the head of the poster, no excuse not to rush to see this film alone or with his children. Three good reasons to discover this jewel immediately.

To go back to childhood

Unless you were born in the 19th century, no doubt, you already know the story of this baby elephant rejected for his big ears and then separated from his mother in a circus. So you also know that part of the film will compete with your mascara and that it is safer to bring handkerchiefs during the session.

Because the live-action adaptation of Tim Burton will perfectly speak to the upset child that you were in front of this cult cartoon, especially during the scene of the mother elephant in a cage who cradles Dumbo with her trunk. Good news: Disney studios plan to ride this nostalgic wave by 2020 with other adaptations of cult films like Aladdin or Mulan .

For the breathtaking spectacle

If the original story and the cartoon of Walt Disney date from 1941, Tim Burton succeeds perfectly in his facelift. Straddling film and animation, the production is breathtakingly realistic: when the owner and the circus children realize that Dumbo's ears allow him to fly, the troupe makes a pact with a man at the helm of a gigantic amusement park with simply breathtaking scenery. We also fell in love with the superb soundtrack and the beauty of the animation for the elephant.

For naked actors

Cock-a-doodle Doo ! The beautiful Eva Green bursts the screen in the skin of Colette Marchant , a French trapeze artist who helps children find Dumbo's mother . For the sake of exoticism, Marlène Jobert's daughter was even asked to insist heavily on her Frenchie accent for the film. By his side, a perfect Colin Farrell in Holt Farrier , a former soldier turned elephant rancher in a struggling circus.

Dumbo, in theaters March 27

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