Closet, the open bar of stylish clothes


If you are a Parisienne worthy of the name, on the edge of a nervous breakdown every other day in front of your closet, in « I have nothing to wear mode »: this concept will become your passion.

Le Closet is a terrific wardrobe for working-girls want daily style and are always on the lookout for cool clothes.

How does it work? You sign up for a month (49€) starting with a one-on-one serious interview with their great stylist, in order to pinpoint your style, your whims and your complexes.

For each new order: we send a small mail to the stylist through the app. A free messenger shows up during the day with the 5 pieces you have chosen (3 pieces of clothing + 2 accessories). And brings them back when our want…

We adore: the open bar side of the deal: a real treat!

In their dressing room? A blue dress with a Peter Pan collor with an amazing cut to go to the office  , the couture pullover to be twisted with leather shorts , ideal for  a date, without counting great looking necklaces that give zip and allure to any black turtleneck.

Unlimited subscription, round trip delivery and free dry cleaner. 49€ / month without commitment sans.

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