Couturfu brings out the book that the fashionsphere is tearing apart

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Does the world of fashion fascinate and dismay you at the same time? The Insta Couturfu account (ex-Vogueturfu) releases its practical guide to fashion with the delightfully ironic name: When the intern asks if Christian Dior is coming to the parade . A collection of thoughts in the vein of J'adore la mode but that's all I hate , Loïc Prigent's twisty bestseller . You have been warned.

Couturfu, what Is it?

You must have already chuckled in front of @ couturfu's Insta posts and stories, 174k subscribers and almost 2,000 hilarious posts. It is still unclear who is behind the account. As only clues, the little clever slipped us recently in a private message to define herself as “ ambassador of myself, diplomat of my buttocks, governor of my authorized overdraft ”. So much for the mood.

His credo? Memes, these recovered images and decorated with funny texts to give them a different context ( "When I choose a seat in the Ouigo solo"; "Me first time after each // The patience of my friends"; "The Parisians passing in front of the Arc de Triomphe now that it is unpacked ”...).

The whole affixed on the shoots of the international editions of Vogue , but also now other cutting-edge fashion magazines and campaigns of the big houses or stolen moments of stars in red carpet mode ( Donatella Versace , Bella Hadid , Kylie Jenner , Isabelle Huppert ...) so much that the position of the models / artists and the atmosphere of the photograph offer naughty situations.

When the intern asks if Christian Dior is coming to the show

Couturfu is therefore embarking on publishing with its highly “ relatable ” “Fashionable Survival Manual ”. And we laugh… but not that, since the anonymous fashionista gave herself to the trouble and went to seek the testimonies of sizes of the sape to bring their vision of the medium.

Thus, Olivier Rousteing , Loïc Prigent (necessarily fan of the account), the Insta famous couple J'aime tout chez toi , the director of e-reputation and social networks of Dior Gary Pinagot or even the photographer Thibault-Théodore deliver their testimonials in the form of frankly interesting interviews.

But also: fashion MCQs, games, quizzes, " Expectations VS Reality " gimmicks and little mood phrases embellished with illustrations by Artus de Lavilléon , even coloring pages: " Fill this cocktail glass with my ex's tears " It's original, it's fresh and it speaks to all lazy-motivated working girls, disappointed lovers, single bar stalwarts and addicts to impromptu shopping sessions.


When the trainee asks if Christian Dior is coming to the parade - Fashionable survival manual @Couturfu, Gründ, € 14.95


Also discover Loïc Prigent's docu backstage at a Dior fashion show , the book everyone is talking about on fast fashion and the docu on Olivier Rousteing's quest for identity now available on Netflix .

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