Papa ou maman 2 : The 100% feel good comedy

Papa Ou Maman2

In Daddy or Mommy, Vincent and Florence Leroy separate after 20 years of life in common. Totally decided not to opt for joint custody, they put their kids through hell (breaking their son’s arm during a krav maga course, putting dish cleaning liquid in a platter of spaghettis, moving to a dive in the burbs, trying to pick up the friends of his 13 year old daughter…) in order that neither one should be able to have exclusive kid custody.

The pitch : Two years later and after a successful divorce, both are working on a new life with their respective partners, they come up with the most incredible schemes, this time, to really turn off their offspring who dream that they might get back together… The war between the ex-couple begins anew in Daddy or Mommy 2.

Result ? A hilarious comedy with a slew of slapstick sketches. Non-stop laughter during 1h20.

We like: the duo Laurent Lafitte – Marina Foïs, who play their respective roles, closer than ever.

Daddy or Mommy 2 by Martin Bourboulon, to be released on the 7th of December 2016.

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