Dinh Van at soft prices with Più

What brand? Dinh Van.

What does one find? End of series from previous collections and timeless pieces with slight defects that are quasi-invisible at the naked eye.

Why go there? To get your hands on the jewelry of a leading jeweler at - 50% and even - 70% discounts for certain pieces. A good way to treat yourself to a pretty present without spending a wad. A good idea, if you are going to a wedding for example...

What’s the result? When we were last there, small silver handcuffs were at 110€, or 125€ in black patent leather, the silver link bracelet was 375€, the small Cube model at110€, a gold wedding ring inlaid with diamonds at 2250€.

Tip: since quantities are very limited, stock evolves as the days go by. Best to check regularly.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 1:30pm and from 2:30pm to 7pm.

Where to find it ?


35, rue du Dragon

75006 Paris

01 45 44 24 69

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