Maïa Mazaurette's documentary on female sexuality, a must-see

Ce Que Veulent Les Femmes

Who could be cooler than Maïa Mazaurette , the sexpert of Quotidien and Le Monde , to host the new documentary on women's sexuality ? Five years after Me too , the columnist pours out on sexist taboos and stereotypes.

And off we go for 1h30 of very funny show where Maïa paints a complete picture in which each of us can identify (and the men take the seed ...) and answer the questions that no one dares to ask.

Scientists, sexologist Camille Bataillon and a neurologist also join the set to deconstruct the myth of the desire of the man-drive and the woman-emotion. It was time !

Interviews without taboos

Do we still feel as much sexual desire when we are menopausal? Can a young mother have an extraordinary sexual appetite?

Whether you are straight, lesbian, more into solo or sadomasochist, the documentary explores all forms of sexuality with a cast of personalities who get naked, starting with this young pregnant woman who admits to having a very strong desire “ to get take “against the romantico-cucu ideas expected of a future mother. The famous photographer Sonia Sieff recounts her experiences as a " fountain woman " and the fear of the gaze of others before discovering that all the women in her family experience the same phenomenon. As for the sixty-year-old model Caroline Ida Ours , she confides in the frequent use of sex toys for fifty years and declares herself quite proud to have a small army of them.

Another moment to remember: the backstage experiences in a scientific center to carry out tests on erotic impulses live from Maïa 's brain with, among other things, an immersion in a sadomaso club where you will finally know everything about your libido . We won't tell you more!

Sexuality in the age of Tinder

In Paris, it's as easy to order a burger on Deliveroo as a hookup on Tinder ... Too bad, it's too rare to hear (normal) women talk about the sexism of which they are victims.
In the documentary, they speak out and denounce aggressive judgment from the outside, like this 50-year-old mother who is called a cougar on the other side of the app. Without forgetting this transsexual woman systematically obliged to justify herself on her sex change…

Desire: what women want , Tuesday March 8 from 9:15 p.m. on TMC.

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