Dream getaway on the island of Pantelleria


Do you know the black pearl of the Mediterranean ? Volcanic, bewitching, endearing for some and repulsive for others, Pantelleria ( Bent-el-Rhia in Arabic, daughter of the wind) stands out as the most secret spot in the Mediterranean. Classified as a protected National Park , its energy is powerful and rejuvenating with its virtuous lands that promote 100% natural treatments in a whahou-whahou setting.

A paradise hideaway

Mysterious and difficult to access, closer to Africa than to Sicily , Pantelleria brings together the international hype in search of intimacy, golden sunsets and stylish evenings. Popularized by
Giorgio Armani himself in the 80s, it is not uncommon to come across new regulars there such as Carole Bouquet , Charlotte Casiraghi , actress Isabella Ferrari or Parisian PR Angelo Sensini who spend part of the year there. .

Where do we stay? In a dammuso , a unique and rustic habitat thought up by the Arabs in the Middle Ages: a volcanic stone structure surmounted by a whitewashed white domed roof that helps maintain the heat in winter and the coolness in summer, magical ! A true wild & chic adventure, Pantelleria offers its range of sublime villas with architect-designed swimming pools, rooftop terraces, gardens with a thousand wonders (lemon and orange trees) and XL succulents galore. The more precious " concrete flowers " will prefer to book a room at the prestigious Sikelia Hotel , with all the comforts worthy of an oriental princess.

Good spots to go out

Let's be clear, the best parties are spent in the dammusi . No need to run the boxes anymore, here you buy liters of passito (the island's typical sweet wine), caper flowers and ricotta galore to dance around the pool until the end of the night.

The aperitif:

Sesiventi , the most hyped. Shop around with friends to find your Latin lover who will be waiting for you in a linen suit unbuttoned to the knees with a big Spritz in hand. Cool: the aperitivo to share on the domes of the roof facing the most beautiful sunset in Tunisia, just opposite.

Count €25 for a cocktail and a full platter. Reservations via whatsapp +39 350 528 2450

Cantina Basile , the most rustic. Toast in the lands of Bacchus in Bukkuram for a rustic passito tasting in the open air. The owner opens his cellars for you for a guided tour followed by a tailor-made aperitif with 100% green friendly products from the field: cheeses, tomatoes, charcuterie, olives...

Count 15 € per person for the aperitivo. 15 C.da Bukkuram S. Michele, Pantelleria. Reservations by phone at +39 3336592553. More info online .

Kaya-Kaya , the most fiesta. Brunch at noon, aperitif in the evening and disco feet in the water at night, it's the place to be to see and be seen by the people who matter in this fisherman's hut with colorful lanterns.

Count €8 for a cocktail, €6 for a moussaka. Kaya-Kaya , port of Scauri. FREE ENTRANCE.

And the kids then?

We let them wade through the beach just before our eyes, from the tables of the Kaya-Kaya. For the more athletic, the possibility of taking sailing lessons from the age of 6.

50 € per lesson. Online reservations .

We end on a high note with a snack break, just above, at Il Gelato di Ulisse , to enjoy the best ice cream in Italy with a charming cooler that has come from Napoli on purpose to serve its best creations made that morning: basil, limoncello, capers, pistachio cream and cocoa... Yum! To be enjoyed on the flowered patio set up on the terrace facing the sea.

Good tables to trust:

The perfect dinner: at Firiçiakki . Recently re-pimped, Milanese chef Davide imports Milanese know-how and impeccable service with sommeliers and a 100% local gourmet menu with quality sourcing: fried seafood (€14), nero di seppia ravioli with baccalà (€17 ) and freshly caught tuna tartare with capers (€16).

Via grotta di benikulà, 21, Pantelleria. Reservations at +39 0923 582415 .

The evening under the stars: Coste Ghirlanda , with its country lounge garden between the vines lit by candlelight. On the menu: tender raw seafood (€22), ricotta-mint-crayfish ravioli (€16) before ending with the bacio (kiss), a star-shaped fried pastry garnished with ricotta (€8).

Route Coste Ghirlanda, Pantelleria. Reservations at +39 333 391 3695 .

And also:

For breakfast with all the smala or a demented pizza: the new U Friscu spot , opened this fall, with its Africa-in-the-tropics terrace upstairs.

Note: in order not to pass for the last of the rednecks, forget your stiletto heels and sequined dresses. The height of chic comes down to a linen ensemble, a cafkan and pretty Venetian velvet shoes, the furlanes , to be found at Casbah . You will have been warned...

A natural spa

Green getaway obliges, here are the 3 stages not to be missed:

The Lac de Vénus , the most immersive: splendid, the Lac de Vénus treats skin and fertility problems thanks to its very high sulfur content. We come to get the sand mud at the bottom of the lake at our feet to apply it all along the body before lying down in the sun for a few minutes to dry. Result: 100% smooth skin guaranteed.

Thermal waters , the most glam: go swimming in Nikà, Gadir or downright romantic love, at the Laghetto delle Ondine, a secret natural pool for a thermal water bath with a view of the sea.

The sauna , the sportiest: too chic, a haven of peace just 10 minutes' walk from the car park to reach the hanging garden with a view of the sea. center of the Earth, to get an express detox treatment and purify the skin by eliminating residues between the pores. And after ? We lie outside on the wooden planks to breathe and enjoy the view.

Good to know

Airbnb is your friend, as are car rentals (safari style) which will be essential for your stay, to be picked up directly at the airport. Reservations via Pantelnet and Policardo .

Dammuso, hotel and stay reservations on Pantelleria Island .

Direct flights from Palermo (€80) and Catania (€82) via DAT , from Rome with Volotea and Milan with Ita Airways . Possibility to come by ferry from Trapani, more info online .

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