Fall salad signed Yannick Alléno

Salade Vitalite 2

Star-studded chef Yannick Alléno has concocted an ideal autumnal salad to boost our lunch-boxes and chic bentos. So quickly put together this cocktail of anti-oxydants and essential fatty acids

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Preparation: 15 min

Pit the dried prunes and cut them into little pieces.

Wash and chop the parsley and chives.

Crush the nuts and walnuts.

Mix the rice, lentils & nuts in a salad bowl.

Add the nut oil and the Xérès vinegar, then the dried prunes and the herbs.

Salt, pepper and mix.

Present your salad prettily in your lunch box.

Set in a cool place until tasting time.

+ Nutrition/ The mix of lentils and oleaginous elements (walnuts and hazelnut) is a combo of healthy nutriments: while the former comprise anti-oxydants such as flavonoids and anthocyanins, the latter are rich in riches fatty essential acids (oméga-3) and well as manganese and magnesium. A good way to stock up on minerals !

To be completed with… 1 à 2 hard boiled eggs, depending on your appetite + 1 nice cup of farmer cheese.

Tip/ Choosedu Puy green lentils, the best ones ! They bring a pretty color to this salad, you can replace the green lentils with coral lentils l…

Excerpted from the book: Bien déjeuner dans ma “boite”.

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2 dried prunes

4 twigs of flat parsley

5 twigs of chives

5 dried hazelnuts

5 walnuts

50 g of cooked rice

50 g of cooked green lentils

1,5 tablespoon of nut oil

1 tablespoon of Xérès vinegar

Salt, pepper

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