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Marie Stuart Reine D Ecosse Film

For her first film, Josie Rourke is doing strong. A complex subject (the rivalries between Marie Stuart and Elisabeth 1st to the throne of England). A sharp cast ( Saoirse Ronan - discovered last year in Lady Bird - , Margot Robbie - which we no longer present - , David Tennant - Doctor Who ...). Sumptuous costumes and make-up (which earned him two Oscar nominations ). And a staging that combines period film and disruptive choices that delight us.

The pitch

Two women legitimately think of themselves as Queen of England , and are fighting for the place. One, Marie Stuart , left the country a long time ago because of her Catholic religion. She returns there in order to take the place which is due to her. The other, Elisabeth 1st , his cousin , has reigned for two years. The tension rises during the film between these two women as intransigent in their wills as beautiful in their revolt, with Saoirse Ronan in a leading role of rare power .

Extrait du film avec Margot Robbie

A story of women still as contemporary

Although more current than it seems at first, Mary Stuart, Queen of E Pod is a catalyst in the film world, still ruled by men despite the scandal #meetoo. This is the angle chosen by director Josie Rourke . You've not heard of it this way before , as she confided to the American digital magazine The Ringer.

Towards the end of the film, Elisabeth 1st confides in her cousin: I am more a man than a woman now. It was the throne that made me this way. Should we recall it? Elizabeth 1st, Marie Stuart's great rival, was known for her virginity and her absolute refusal to marry . This will be the key to his victory. A great lesson in feminism to ponder….

A film without taboos

Extrait du film avec Ismael Cruz Cordova et Saoirse Ronan

With total freedom of tone , the director shows the little story , the one we don't know and which delights our nosy inclinations. Sex scenes, the omnipresence of alcohol , games of power and seduction , homosexuality , all this is approached without taboos and allows to identify, against all expectations, with Marie.

A little rock in the middle of the 16th century

The tone is placed in the opening minutes of the film, thanks to Saoirse Ronan jewelry Queen of E terminal. On one side of her head, a classic earring. On the other, five small silver rings , as seen on the catwalks . An asymmetry that makes her even more attractive , if that was possible. She contributes, with Margot Robbie , to make a historical film ultra-sexy .

Extrait du film avec Saoirse Ronan


We love this film for its sumptuous images , its great actresses , its quirky tone , and the historical information gleaned which allows to boost its royal culture after The Favorite , awarded at the Oscars. So ? We rush for two hours of pure happiness.

Mary Stuart, Queen of E pod, in theaters February 27, 2019.

Also discover La Favorite, a masterpiece on the last of the Stuarts .

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