Yvan Attal and Charlotte Gainsbourg reunited in a comedy

Mon Chien Stupide

The actor director Yvan Attal starts new stage his wife Charlotte Gainsbourg in a brilliant adaptation "French" of the cult novel by John Fante: My dog stupid and sign comedy Frenchie sexiest and sincere fall.

A legendary couple in the city LIKE on the screen

In the tradition of jubilant self-fiction films by Yvan Attal ( My wife is an actress , They married and had a lot of children ), the idea of finding the Attal-Gainsbourg duo on the big screen thrills. Especially since this time, the director also invites their son Ben Attal in the affair, to also play his own role as a child.

If in an interview, we perpetually ask the question of the secret of their love which has lasted for 30 years, it is quite different in their role on the screen. Because, decidedly, things are not going well between Henry and Cécile, the heroes of the film.

Yvan Attal as a failed writer

At 50, Henri is going through a terrible existential crisis . After a phenomenal literary success 25 earlier with a bestseller at the time unanimously hailed by the critics, the promising writer exiled himself to a sublime house in Biarritz , chaining the girls with an Everest of frustration. However, he is starting to have money problems.

In the absence of a little introspection, the writer prefers to pour out his failure on his wife, the delicious Cecile who supports her husband by chaining Prozac and blows of white from noon, despite an unfailing love . As for his failures of inspiration, he attributes them to his 4 children aged 25 to 16, whom he considers to be nullards endowed with money and energy pumps.

Even its Parisian editor, the earthy Pascale Arbillot , begins to get annoyed with the guy.

The question of the departure of the children

It is certain that when you fantasize about a single life , of success, of Porsches and beautiful girls in Rome, the daily life of family life seems gloomy to you. It is with fantastic irony and causticity that Yvan Attal plunges the viewer into the shoes of a former handsome kid who is aging without having accomplished anything… Because ultimately, it is easier to get attached to a big dog than to realize his dreams.

How to approach the question of the couple after the children ? Of the eternal question of desire ? If Attal remains very close to Fante's book , he manages to capture the existential evil of the quinquas with his particular tenderness and his so French irony ... By dint of playing the jaded and dreaming of elsewhere, do we end up alone like a con ? That is the question .

Charlotte Gainsbourg , for her part, is masterful of fun and zany with her gaggle of improbable children, starting with her favorite surfer whose essays she writes. Without forgetting a teenage environmentalist, a firecracker smoker in love with a cagole stripper and a rigid girl infatuated with a soldier against the backdrop of the beaches of Biarritz or the marvelous landscapes of the Basque coast. A must see.

My Stupid Dog hits theaters on October 30th.

Yvan Attal dans mon chien stupide

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