« French style» hair straightening at 20 Boissière

Le 20 Boissiere Coiffeur

At the time of « made in France », let’s push chauvinism right down to the ends of our hair! The new capillary whim ? French style hair styling at Le 20 Boissière hair styling saln of Valérie Gérin.

A new treatment with keratin, that is quite different from its Japanese and Brazilian peers. Less radical than the Japanese version, it relaxes the fiber without making it overly straight and contrarily to the Latino version, it does not defrizz hair but sheaths it deeply.

In short, a miracle product featuring hyaluronic acid created for European manes by a French lab, that managed to produce a molecule very close to the one found naturally in hair and nails.

Result? Your mane is reinforced, moisturized and rid of frizz. It’s best to go before the holidays for protection and/ or when you come back to boost hair damaged by the sun and seawater, after that you have nothing to worry about for 4 months.

Count between 180 and 350 €

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30am to 6:30pm

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Where to find it?

Le 20 Boissière

20, rue Boissiere

75016 Paris

01 45 53 35 40


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