The novel which threatens François de Rugy

Vivre Ensemble Livre

It’s already been named the “Emilie Frèche” affair. It’s THE political gossip everyone talked about this Summer. In an interview for the Express at the beginning of August, the journalist and wife of the current minister of Ecology of the National Assembly, Séverine Servat de Rugy, considered she recognized herself in the latest book by Emilie Frèche, Vivre Ensemble. Because her own son was featured trait by trait in the novel, Séverine de Rugy accuses Emilie Frèche of textual harassment. A quick look.

A family imbroglio

Small resume for those who did not follow everything: before marrying François de Rugy, Séverine Servat was the companion of Jérôme Guedj with whom she had a child. Today, Jérôme Guedj is going out with... Émilie Frèche! This writer and screenplay writer has just come out with a new book, Vivre ensemble which, speaking of her own broken up family, touched the private life of Séverine Servat and her 11-year-old son (who his stepmother finds impossible). You follow? Let’s continue! After having tried to have the publication of her book forbidden, Séverine Servat, head of news at Gala, finally sued the writer before obtaining an inset in the book. Émilie Frèche, for her part, adamantly refutes having infringed the intimacy of Séverine and her son, while admitting being inspired by part of her own family for her novel.

A book that has become political despite itself

An often disputed literary genre, the good political book rarely comes out without some juicy gossip. This did not escape Emilie Frèche, who was not asking as much when her book was published, since in consequence it is selling like hot cakes. Because initially, her novel Vivre ensemble was not at all political. This book, which Emilie Frèche claims to be a work of fiction, tells the story of a family that evolves as it can manage in the tense contest of French society after the attacks of 2015. Their wager: finding the necessary harmony to live together.

Just when François de Rugy just have replaced Nicolas Hulot at the Ministry of Environment and that his wife is still asking for compensations after the publication of this book, the book by Emilie Frèche will surely be an ongoing subject of conversation.

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