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There are a few ultra Parisian, chic and sporty events to which we dream of participating at least once in a lifetime...

To this elegant short-list, this year we have the hottest rendezvous : the late night for the Hermès Jumping event at the Grand Palais will be the highlight during the three days of this upscale equestrian show. Save the date : Saturday the 18th of  March from 7pm to 11pm

And we insist, this unique happening, at the heart of the 8th edition of the Hermès Jumping, is truly quite extraordinary. Starting with “Le prix du 24 Faubourg”, a new five-star horse jumping contest. And that’s without counting the most awaited spectacle for the month of March : “The dream of Don Quichotte”, imagined by playwright Florient Azoulay with the complicity of equestrian artist Mario Luraschi.

We have good news for all horse-loving Parisiansnow is the ideal time to book your seats in order to be able to participate. The ticket office has just opened and everybody is going to rush for seats on All the Millenials will adore their dedicated rate (-25 years) !

We like : a wonderful Xmas gift for exacting Parisiennes!

Saut Hermès at the Grand Palais, from the 17th to the 19th of March 2017. Late night on Saturday the 18th of March from 7pm to 11pm. Starting at 60€. All the info on

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Where to find it?

Saut Hermès

au Grand Palais

75008 Paris

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