A romantic getaway to Fontainebleau... without a car

Attention to all Parisians dreaming of escaping the capital for a romantic getaway less than an hour away from Paris. How about discovering Fontainebleau? Easily accessible by train, this royal town nestled in the heart of a national forest is the perfect idea for a weekend getaway for two. Located just 5 minutes from the castle, the charming Hôtel & Spa Napoléon has recently reopened its doors after three years of extensive renovations. Let us introduce you.



The perfect haven for a romantic getaway

Hotel Fontainebleau standard room

Needless to say, Napoleon I, who resided at the Fontainebleau castle, made it his beloved city. The emperor serves as inspiration for the 4-star hotel, which celebrates the local star right from the lobby, showcasing excerpts of paintings as well as elegant Hermès scarves in the colors of the Empire. In the center of the building, which once served as a stagecoach stop, a decidedly bucolic courtyard with an original fountain makes us crave for a sunny lunch. Our advice? Book a room with a terrace and order your breakfast via room service with a view of this quaint romantic square from another era. Spacious and elegantly decorated with touches of blue velvet and precious wood, the rooms prove to be an ideal retreat for a nap after a long forest walk.


Heartfelt table

Empreintes restaurant at the Fontainebleau hotel

No need to mention that you'll never leave Fontainebleau hungry, a place renowned for hunting and feasting. Having passed through the kitchens of the Fouquet’s, Chef Romain Fabry showcases his talents at the Empreintes restaurant, where we delighted in a delicate raw sea bass marinated in lemon as a starter (€23), a hearty and tender rib steak (€50 for 2 people, or even solo), roasted scallops with glazed broccoli (€35), and a devilish French toast for dessert.

Also worth mentioning: the hotel's cozy bar, adorned in red velvet, carpet, and toile de Jouy wallpaper, welcomes all the beautiful people of Fontainebleau who come to warm up with afternoon tea and homemade pastries (€16). In the evening, toast to love with a Negroni (€14) or a Garden Party cocktail (Grey Goose pear, vanilla syrup, lemon, cucumber, apple juice, and Prosecco, €16) before heading to bed... and perhaps more if the mood strikes.


A chic and stylish spa

hotel Fontainebleau spa

It took extensive excavation and removal of tons of earth to create the superb spa located in the basement. On the wall facing the pool, one can read a love letter from Napoleon to Josephine while swimming laps before chilling out in the hammam or sauna. Remember to book your slot as early as possible, ideally in the morning or at lunchtime to avoid peak hours in the late afternoon. Truly outstanding: the range of treatments featuring divine products from Cinq Mondes or Absolution, such as the signature Imperial Massage (back, face, scalp) delivered by a masseuse with magical fingers (€105). One can't get enough of it...

Room and breakfast starting from €200.

© Hôtel & Spa Napoléon

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