Kurt Cobain, his latest photos: a stunning exhibition

Expo Nirvana

February 1994, the lead singer of Nirvana shows up at a party with his group for an improvised photo session in the Parisian flat of Youri Lenquette, the Frenchy photographer, who has become his friend.

A rare occurrence for someone who was camera shy, it’s Kurt Cobain in person who was at the origin of this shooting for which he posed with a 22 long rifle. Ironically, the rock idol killed himself two months later with an identical weapon.

The contact sheets and these unpublished photos of this moment of grace are published 20 years after his death for an exhibition charged with emotions, to be discovered at the Addict Galerie in the Marais.

Kurt Cobain – The Last Shooting

From 25 March to 21 June 2014

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Where to find it?

Addict Galerie

16 Rue de Thorigny

75003 Paris

01 48 87 05 04


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