The good humar bar-tag sale: Eva Pritsky

La Buvette Brocante Bonne Humeur Eva Pritsky Int

This local institution is an absolute stop-over for any Ménilmontant pilgrimage. At the helm of this bar-tag sale that has remained as sprightly as ever: Eva Pritsky, an ageless lady who could be the Parisian counterpoint of the wild New York fashion icon Iris Apfel.

The principle is simple: in this serendipity of marvels that looks like your Granny’s salon, you can a) buy everything that appeals to you or makes you smile and b) sip a glass of wine (about 4€), while sharing a plate of cheese-charcuterie (8€) with the regulars and the inquisitive types who had the same idea as you.

This 2-in-1 hideaway that has a faint feel of a village watering hole really conveys an up feeling and is a congenial place to drop by all year round.

Furthermore, you can encounter «exceptional personalities» there as announced on the front window. So check it out…!

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