Tim Burton Exhibition at the Chapiteau de la Villette

Exposition Tim Burton La Vilette

The most anticipated exhibition of the summer is here: Tim Burton's "The Labyrinth" promises an immersive experience into the whimsical subconscious of the master of fantasy. Within the Chapiteau de la Villette space, visitors can explore a multitude of paths, each leading to different rooms showcasing costumes, sketches, and sculptures from Burton's universe. Get ready for a gothic ambiance until August 20th!


A Labyrinthine Journey:

Tim Burton's "The Labyrinth" has landed at the Chapiteau de la Villette after being overbooked in Madrid for several months and before embarking on a world tour. Throughout the summer, the boldest of adventurers can venture into this quirky maze and discover the wonders of artworks inspired by the filmmaker's universe.

After a buzzer determines the direction of our visit, the labyrinth unfolds through numerous doors, each granting access to different rooms, some shared and some not. With over 300 possible routes, there's no turning back once you choose a door—it also means giving up on certain rooms!

Created in collaboration with LETSGO, an event and illumination company, the journey unfolds amidst various spooky Burtonesque atmospheres. Caution is advised, as the experience may be frightening for children under 9 years old.


A Total Immersion in the Burtonesque Spirit

Fans of the whimsical master will be delighted by the exploration of small rooms and vast landscapes with carefully crafted lighting, where clowns and other monsters appear before our eyes.

It's a joy to rediscover the costumes and statues of our favorite characters, including Victor and Emily from Corpse Bride or Edward Scissorhands, as well as original sketches and drawings from the American artist's notebooks. After strolling through these 5,000 square meters among the mushrooms of Alice in Wonderland or the sugary trees of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you'll be eager to revisit Burton's entire filmography!

Some may find the exhibition a bit short, but it proudly boasts its uniqueness and offers an immersive experience with genuine artworks by the artist. Of course, don't forget to visit the shop, where you can grab a monstrous sketch (€12) or a tote bag featuring the exhibition. Pro tip: make sure to reserve your spot in advance and aim for a midday or evening visit!

Chapiteau de la Villette , Quai de la Charente, Paris 19th, until August 20th. Open Monday to Thursday from 2 PM to 7 PM, Fridays until 9 PM, Saturdays from 10 AM to 9 PM, and Sundays until 7 PM. Online reservations available.

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