Very cream-cheese recipe books!

Le Livre De Recettes Tres Cream Cheesebonplan

If cheesecake fans have already adopted Philadelphia, this « cream of cream cheese » is not just used to make the famous New York cake. It can also be used in a great deal of sweet and salty dishes.

Romain Tischenko and Grégory Cuilleron, the two chefs revealed during Top Chef and Un dîner presque parfait, unveil 40 bluffing recipes made with Philadelphia.

Boost your happy hours with fish and chips, mini-chicken burgers and the cumin carrot cake for cocktail hour. Start with a white salmon pizzette or stuffed little vegetables before digging into a filet mignon of pork in a mustard crust or saffron pasta with mussels.

Finish up with pistcchio financiers cakes and green tea emulsion or the onctuous framboisier raspberry short cake, for a complete meal based on Philadelphia.

The hot tip: you can win 10 copes of this very yummy recipe book.

Les recettes Philadelphia

By Grégory Cuilleron and Romain Tischenko

Editions Hachette Cuisine

96 pages – 9,95 €

written by

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