The McQueen Testament, Fashion Week buzz

Loic Prigent

No need to present the great Alexander McQueen, bad boy of British fashion and transgressive visionary.

To celebrate Fashion Week, Arte is putting the spotlight on McQueen through a revealing documentary orchestrated by Loïc Prigent, revealing the private reasons for his tragic departure.

In order to showcase the designer’s talent and originality, the journalist focuses on the last four shows, filled with macabre and futuristic aesthetics.

We adore: feeling passionate about the reasons that pushed McQueen to draw his inspiration from bag people and the trashy characters of the London gay scene, for an open critique of consumer society.

The plus: you learn a lot about the dark sides of this couture genius, thanks to the troubling testimonies of his mother and special documents on the traumatism of his being the head of creation at Givenchy.

A fascinating and incisive documentary that literally transports us in the universe of the one who will forever be considered as the « prodigal prophet » of fashion.

Le Testament d’Alexander McQueen, Saturday the 26th of September at 10:10 pm on Arte.


By Clémence Renoux @clemence_rnx

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