Italian Mammas’ crispy rice balls

Italian Mammas’ crispy rice balls

How do Mammas  fix leftover risotto? They transform it into amazing croquettes ideal to nibble on.

Preparation:  25 min – Cooking: 30 min – Number of guests : 4

Remove the crust from the Raclette RichesMonts cheese and cut it up into cubes. Wash and leaf the basil.

Heat the rice in a pan with the olive oil. Add the white wine.

And allow the liquid to be absorbed on an average flame. Add the warm bouillon ladle by ladle until the rice is cooked and the liquid totally absorbed.

Remove from the flame, add 3 slices of Raclette RichesMonts cheese. Mix and place in a cool place for 3h minimum.

Roll up each cheese cube in rice and shape small balls with your hands. Roll each ball in flour then in beaten eggs, and finally in the breadcrumbs.

Fry these balls in 180°C oil until they are nice and golden. Place them on absorbing paper and serve still warm with the seasoned salad.

Tip: For quick and easy croquettes use leftover risotto from the day before, that you will have allowed to cool down totally to form croquettes.


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My list of groceries:

• 9 slices of RichesMonts Raclette cheese

• 300 g of arborio rice

• 25 cl of white wine

• 70 cl of chicken or vegetable broth

• 50 g of flour

• 50 g of breadcrumbs

• Salt, pepper

• 2 nice handfuls of arugula salad

• Frying oil

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