Dior: the new documentary by Loïc Prigent

Documentaire Arte Dior Prigent

Loïc Prigent definitely is blessed with the gift of bringing back the gods of fashion from the world of the dead. After his very insightful documentary of Yves Saint Laurent, the insider of the fashion sphere portrays Christian Dior through his sketching, during a precious documentary film on Arte. We aDior.

Indeed the subject has a lot going for it ! Post war, feminine fashion remains lowkey and useful. And it had to be an slightly batty bourgeois with a keen sense of aesthetics to shake up the codes and showcase under the projectors puffed pink skirts using kilometers of fabric. Scandal! When he presented his first collection, New Look ,en 1947 (comprising more than 90 models), triumph was immediate.

So what’s the story?

Through the fashion sketches of the designer (in animated version, for the occasion) and testimonies from his seamstresses, collaborators and professionals in the fashion world, we discover how the stylist completely redesigned the feminine silhouette.

The Junon evening dress,  absolutely splendid, the iconique Bar Suit, hats (Monsieur Dior hated hair)… All his sketches have been preciously preserved, and so well drawn at the time that the “little hands” of the workshops still use them today for the collections.

The hilarious minute

At the beginning of his career, Christian Dior was sadly trying out in the art galery trade, and was so bored he caricatured himself in the middle of the paintings. And Loïc Prigent concludes,tongue in cheek : “He really felt lonely in his gallery with his daub paintings”. Epic.

We like: the workshop second Anne-Marie Gossot, 93 years old - a young thing - recalls how she seduced her husband (“he was back from Indochina”) by reproducing Dior dresses for herself.

Les dessins de Christian Dior by Loïc Prigent, on 30 September 2018 at 10:20pm on Arte, then as replay.

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