The perfect treatment to book as a couple

Massage Tui Na

For a massage for two that releases all tension, head to the Maison du Tui Na . This absolutely extraordinary spa practices crazy rituals from Chinese medicine . As much to tell you that we love it.

Tui Na , this age-old protocol reimbursed by social security in Switzerland and practiced by the greatest doctors “ to treat ” in Asia , removes muscle tension and unblocks energy through work on the meridians and acupressure, to be developed according to seasonal issues.

For who ? Couples exhausted by a hectic life and who like to share everything.

The promise ? A total letting go that will untie tensions and remove blockages , annihilate stress and insomnia and improve digestion .

The protocol ? Properly installed on their stomachs in a double cabin and enveloped in the sweet scent of essential oils , the duo evolves in unison towards total well-being. It all starts with a complete back massage with warm essential oils: sliding movement to identify weak points, kneading from the cervical to the lower back, passing through the shoulders and pressing on specific points, where it hurts! After the backs, make way for the legs and feet to relaunch the energies upwards. On the front side, focus on the arms and hands at the level of the elbows and forearms, places of passage of 6 out of 12 meridians which house many points regulating stress , insomnia and digestion . The treatment ends with an incredible massage of the head and face for total letting go.

Result ? The duo come out more than ever united and in love, freed from all tension, ready to throw themselves head high into the whirlwinds of life!

Tui Na Duo massage, 1h30, €258. Online reservations

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