Maison Standards reinvents the sales

Maison Standards

No need to introduce Maison Standards, the favourite label of Parisiennes in the know, fans of good looking basics. Straight jeans, high waist, t-shirt in cotton, a soft fleecy sweat and of course perfectly cut shirts—all these wardrobe essentials can be found with these pros of the chic French look. All manufactured in carefully selected factories and put on the market at the right prices.

To prove their new commitment against fast fashion and exaggerated consumerism, Maison Standards has launched its “Pay what you want” operation: a new, intelligent and reasoned way of buying.

Get ready: on a selection of products, it’s the clients who decide the price of their purchases, depending on their means and their whims.

maison standards

Let us explain.Take a silk shirt. Original price? €115. From there, you choose between three categories how much you want to pay for it, any way at a rate that is lower than the initial one:

  • Price 1 covers expenses for fabric, making and transport (€69)
  • Price 2 covers expenses for fabric, making, transport and paying the team (€81)
  • Price 3 finances new projects and brand development (Price 92)

The result is a buttoned skirt at 60, 68 or €70, a sailor top at 28, 33 or €39, the iconic shirt-dress at 48, 57 or €67, an oversized pullover at45, 55 or €63 and of course the Standard jean, must-have of all the fashionistas, now €53 and €68. Trendy, ethical and with a small price tag—in short everything we love.

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