Massage and sunny nap at Parenthèse

Chez Parenthese

Feeling as though you had permanent jet-lag and are easily depressed or stressed?

The DO IT Team has found the perfect peps and beauty prescription for a fix of good vibes, smooth complexion, a good night’s sleep and a “solar” mood.

The idea? Rush over to Parenthèse, an exotic and comfy spa for quick nap and a boost of Light-therapy energy.

The concept of this “sunny siesta”? A “3 in 1” boost as though your were in Bahia (30min: 38€)... Nestled in a state-of-the-art hot stone shiatsu arm chair facing a Light-therapy lamp. And to perfect the beauty-party: reflexology, the perfect foot massage to feel 100% zen and relaxed.

Tip top: all the benefits of the sun, with no UV’s. It does not get much better?

Cherry on the cake, you can go solo or better, as a twosome. A cocooning must with your BFF.

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