My perfect Sunday at the Puces

Marche Aux Puces

Getting there bright and early! I have always been an early bird, and it’s a good idea if you want to find a parking spot at the Paul Bert market …

Enjoying a little coffee at Ma Cocotte or the mythical Choppe des Puces to take advantage of their warm space without the crowds who show up a little later in the following hours.

Going off to take a stroll in the different markets, but it’s quite difficult to recommend one or another, since they all have their own spirit: there is always as wonderful atmosphere when the different places open. It’s like watching an entire microcosm wake up—at the same time eclectic and solidary. Each one has their favorite merchants, however, personally I always enjoy getting a little lost and being taken by surprise.

Having lunch at the Puces on a weekend implies getting there at noon sharp, because there are no reservations possible!

In the afternoon, it’s time to set aside the decorative arts and discover a more cultural aspect of the Puces. A jazz concert at La Choppe des Puces, a creative workshop at the Centre d’Art Main d’Oeuvres and of course an exhibition of contemporary art or an artistic performance at the gallery…. Until Then!


Also discover The Foire de Chatou, the most stylish spring vintage sale.

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