3 good reasons to procrastinate

La Procrastination

Under water, overwhelmed, constantly in motion, overheating to be always more efficient, on time, good student, ahead ... you are not exhausted by this industrial productivity that you impose on yourself? How about testing procrastination ? Long criticized, this art of living assumed postponements could well be the solution to the ambient hysteria. Not so harmful and much more complex, even virtuous than one might think, procrastination is studied closely in the excellent web series written by Guillaume Podrovnik for Arte . After this seven-part procrasti-nation journey, you were told 3 great reasons to go with zero guilt.

It's better for your health

In a society where we always demand more from everyone, where a to-do list is never completed, but is constantly replenished with new tasks, increasing our level of stress ever higher, we will have to find a solution to this general convulsive runaway. Today, 2/3 of the working population uses psychotropic drugs to withstand the pressure of ever more demanding companies which leave their employees bloodless at night. As a result, the trend is starting to reverse, and more and more companies are instead deciding to hit those who work too much by prohibiting the sending of emails outside working hours or by denouncing the culture of presenteeism. Against burnout , this disease of the century, we put the pedal soft, we refocus on the essential and, above all, we realize that we cannot do everything, since “ everything ” is always more. That's right, why not put off until the next day what we can do… the next day? To meditate...

It makes you more creative

Remember, at school, there was the fayote in the first row who always had his full case and his homework clean. But there was also the somewhat messy outsider, this guy from the radiator who sometimes made a brilliant homework that the teacher read in front of the whole class, moved by so much inventiveness and dazzling. Who do you prefer to be? It is well known, curious people go through side roads. By taking the time to listen to some music, to breathe in the scent of chestnuts crying under the Christmas lights or to rush into a movie theater, it is very likely that ideas will be born and will end up being 'organize much better than running your nose into the overheating computer in your impersonal open space. To add to your to-do list: take side steps.

It shows your cool

The procrastinator is not an assumed slacker. No, he's a brave individual who dares to flirt with danger, him, madam. Pressurized by his publisher, his boss, the bank or his spouse, he faces the panic monster who screams deep inside him (“You have to meeeeettre! ”) And this hostile outside world that wants to make him enter into trouble. boxes far too narrow for him. As a result, in any situation, we can paradoxically count on him. Unexpected ? A hitch in the well-oiled cogs of the service? Who will be able to solve the problem immediately, thanks to their empirical knowledge of these crisis situations? The fayote of the first row, perhaps? No, it's him.

Come on, take a few minutes of your precious time and go on an excursion in the 7 lol and exciting episodes of this series “ designed for wankers and wankers, by a wanker ”.

We'll see tomorrow: excursion to Procrasti-Nation , a documentary web series by Guillaume Podrovnik. Co-production: ARTE France, Imagissime (France, 2019, 7 x 9 ′)

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