Mardi Gras Suzette Crêpes Recipe

Recette Crepes Suzette

Covered with orange caramel and flambéed with Grand Marnier ®, here is the perfect recipe for enjoying crêpes suzette .

For 4 people (12 pancakes)

Preparation time: 10 minutes + 1 hour rest

Cooking time: 25 min


  • Prepare the pancake batter: sift the flour into a bowl. Break the eggs in the center then add the sugar and salt . Add the milk little by little while stirring. Add the melted butter . Whisk until the dough is smooth and free of lumps. Cover the salad bowl with a tea towel and let stand for 1 hour at room temperature.
  • Lightly butter a pan and, when it is hot, pour in a ladle of batter.
  • Bake the pancake for about 2 minutes, turning it over. Make about 12 pancakes.
  • Just before serving: in a small saucepan, grate the orange zest . Add the butter. When it begins to color (brown butter), pour the sugar in rain. Add the orange juice . Stir.
  • Bring the Grand Marnier® to a boil and pour it over the pancakes. Flame. Let the flame go out. Place the pancakes on 4 plates and sprinkle them with syrup . Serve immediately.

Tips: If the dough is lumpy, strain it through a colander. For successful flambéing, pancakes and alcohol must be hot.

Extract from the book Sweet Classics by Eva Harlé , photographer Aline Princet, stylist Noémie Strouk, at Hachette Cuisine, € 9.95

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