Empanadas: l'obsession apéro venue in Buenos Aires

Landed straight from Buenos Aires , empan adas , these little turnovers filled with meat and vegetables, are the stars of aperitif evenings with a good glass of Argentinian wine. The chef of the El Santa Evita restaurant , Gonzalo Adlerete Pagés , shares the secrets of this traditional recipe with us.

For 30 empanadas.


The dough :

  • Heat the water to 80º C and dilute the pork fat in the water then mix with the flour , kneading as little as possible.

  • Let sit in the refrigerator for four hours before rolling to a thickness of 3mm.
  • Cut circles 13 cm in diameter.

The salsa style empan adas :

  • Sauté the onion in 50 g of fat, add the condiments and the beef and cook for 3 minutes until the beef is white.

  • Add the hot broth and the remaining 150 g of fat. Mix everything, place in a 30x20x10 basin and leave to cool in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

  • Place the potatoes on top of the mixture, then the egg and spring onion .

  • Fill the baking tins with a tablespoon, then seal them with a pinch.

  • To cook the empanadas you need an oven that reaches 400ºC, otherwise we recommend you to fry them.

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