The secret recipe for tuna salad from Italian mammas

Salade De Pates Thon

We no longer present the artisanal label Al Dente , which sells Italian products online to better infiltrate your cupboards. In short: a better trattoria , orchestrated by the masterful Patrizio Miceli to be able to make the best mamma recipes at home. It's up to you to play with this amazing tuna pasta salad. Mamma mia !

The recipe for 4 people

  • Cook your pasta upstream and cool it immediately in cold water so that it retains a good appearance and does not continue to cook. Add the olive oil and mix well to keep them shiny.
  • Mix with your Tonno Al Dente pot .
  • Cut your tomatoes in 4, add the capers and a few arugula leaves .
  • Mix everything.
  • Crush your almonds and set aside.
  • Arrange the mixture on the plate and add the almonds and the rest of the arugula on top !

Enjoy your meal !

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