Porridge with strawberries : a Summer breakfast


Porridge, the new breakfast star, offers many nutritive virtues. Sweet, salt or  fruity, porridge offers infinite possibilities! For  Summer, allow yourself to be tempted by the 100% vegetal porridge with strawberries recipe signed Alpro.

For 4 portions
Preparation : 10 minutes
Conservation in a fresh place : 12h


1. Take 4 jars and pour 30 g of oats in each one.

2. Add 125g of the vegetal alternative to yogurt, coconut Alpro, a handful of strawberries and coarsely chopped pistachios.

3. Place during the night in the icebox.

4. Enjoy the next day for breakfast !


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- 500g of the vegetal alternative to yogurt, coconut Alpro
- 120g of oat flakes
- 300g of strawberries (fresh or frozen)
- A dozen pistachios

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