Tacos in 10 minutes flat

Recette Tacos Thon

For 4 persons

Preparation time: 15 min.


  • Cut the tortillas in circles of about 15 cm diameter then toast for a few seconds.
  • Zest the green lemon in a bowl then add the juice and the Greek yogurt. Salt and pepper this preparation.
  • Place a few leaves of spinach sprouts then add a small quantity of Escabèche tuna by spreading it lengthwise.
  • Peel and remove the avocado pits then slice them lengthwise. Place in the tacos.
  • Finally, peel and cut the red onion in thin round shapes then cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Divide everything on the tacos and add a few leaves of coriander for the finishing touch. Salt and pepper according to your whimsy.


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2 avocados

4 handful of spinach sprouts

10 cherry tomatoes

1 green lemon

1 Greek yogurt

½ bouquet of fresh coriander

1 red onion


Ground pepper

8 corn tortillas

2 cans of tuna with Escabèche Saupiquet sauce

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