The Lazare “tourte forestière”

Tourte Gibier Plume Lazare

© Valéry Guédés

The famous restaurant Lazare shares with us its secret recipe for a marvelous “tourte de gibier au foie gras.” Perfumed with mushrooms and thyme, you will obtain a marvelous dish to whip out without moderation during the holidays!

For 8 persons


Ask your fowl butcher to debone: a Mallard duck, a pheasant hen, a partridge. Chope everything on a heavy grill.

In a pan or a big pot, quickly cook the chicken livers with  the shallots, the thyme flower, 2 crushed juniper bays, deglaze with cognac, season and allow to cool down.

Pan fry in butter the mushrooms cut into quarters.

Mix all the ingredients with 2 eggs previously beaten.


Divide the stuffing into 8 equal shares and place in the middle a cube of 25g foie gras.

Place the stuffing between two discs of flaky pastry, close and baste with a previously beaten egg (for the golden effect), renew the operation for the eight torts.

Bake the torts during 14 minutes at 180°C.

Allow to sit for 10 min before serving.

Serve with a reduced chicken sauce and a fresh salad.


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- 1 pheasant hen

- 1 Mallard duck

- 1 Partridge

- 200g of chicken livers

- 1 chizeled shallot

-  8 block of dough ( picard type)

- 200g of cooked foie gras

- 16 of puff paste 14 cm diameter discs

- 250g of wild mushrooms ( or Paris )

- 1 branch of thyme flower

- 2 juniper berries

- 3 cl of cognac

- 180g of butter

- Salt

- Ground pepper

- 3 eggs

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