A Netflix thriller in which Freud is the hero

Serie Freud Netflix

It's a mini series that is both smart and ultra creepy that we were impatiently waiting for to shake our confinement. The hero of this astonishing German thriller in 8 episodes is none other than Doctor Sigmund Freud, played by the charismatic Robert Finster . Explanations.

A pitch like we weren't expecting

Warning. We are a long way from a “ once upon a time psychoanalysis ” lecture. The director chose to place his plot at the heart of a fascinating police investigation at the end of the 19th century in Vienna in which the father of psychoanalysis would have participated.

Any resemblance to reality ... is totally improbable. Because this story never existed. Authentic fiction, the scenario slips into the atmosphere and the time of Freud's youth by offering him a leading role in composition.

Freud à l'acedemie de médecine à Vienne

Sigmund Freud , a totally cocaine addicted neurologist, tries to validate his work on the unconscious with his peers at the Academy of Medicine . In vain. It's an outcry: Freud is the laughing stock of a still very conservative profession. So far, everything is true ...

That's when Alfred Kiss , a police inspector, and Fleur , an amazing psychic, both in pursuit of a serial killer, enter the scene. Sigmund agrees to collaborate with the duo to shed light on their avant-garde theories.

A super neat achievement

A German detective series? Do not freak out: the days of purring series where the photo turned green like in the world of our dear Inspector Derrick are a long time ago.

Welcome to a grandiose and dark achievement by Austrian Marvin Kren , creator of the 4Blocks series , awarded and acclaimed by critics at Series Mania festival in 2017.

With Freud : here is the viewer immersed between the spectacular effects and the very polished photo-realistic of The Illusionist (with Edward Norton and Jessica Biel ), the subtlety of the Mindhunter-style psychological profiling surveys or the aesthetics and the mood of From Hell with Johnny Depp playing an investigator looking for Jack the Ripper .

bande annonce serie Freud avec Robert Finster

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