Hallelujah! Orange is the new black is back !

Hurray! They are back! For a great summer, what could be better than settling down quietly to watch the thirteen episodes of the new Orange is the New Black season on Netflix? We left Piper Chapman and her friends, prisoner of a huge riot in Litchfield, and new spicy adventures are awaiting Red, Taystee, Nicky, Lorna and the others in a high security prison. The reasons to throw yourself on this season


Litchfield by the wayside


You have not yet been behind the bars of this cult series adapted from the autobiographical book by American Piper Kerman? Small recap: Piper Chapman, a young girl from a very proper family, is incarcerated in the Litchfield prison for having participated in a drug ring a few years. There, she discovers a wide array of characters with divers ethnic, social and sexual diversities.

In the last season, a violent riot exploded at Litchfield leading to the murder of Piscatella’s warden. In the new episodes, our prisoners reappear in a brand high tech security jail there, Piper Chapman, Red, Taystee, Crazy Eyes and (almost) the entire gang better toe the line. Because in these new districts where the strong guys impose their law, the wardens ignore  score- settling between criminals, and the police is actively searching for the murderer of the Litchfield warden.


New very hefty characters


We are already warning you without spoiling your fun: several of your fave characters are missing from this new season. No panic, new badass prisoners are back and highlight the screen such as this new enemy of Piper, a violent gang leader who threatens the pretty blonde to have an extended jail term by hiding drugs in her cell...


Verdict: a season that has nothing to envy from the previous ones !

With a wildly modern and strong political background (even Barack Obama loves this series!), the new season of this series takes place in a country that encompasses no less than 25% of the world inmates, and once again ticks the boxes of the addictive series: totally unexpected rebounds, often hilarious dialogues, political and feminist messages, references to updated news... In short, a no-fail series...  We already want more!

Orange is the new black season 6, available starting the 27th of July on Netflix.

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