Osmosis: a Black Mirror at the heart of dating sites

Serie Osmosis

What if tomorrow, an algorithm found the rare gem for you? This is the (not so futuristic) pitch of Osmosis , a new original creation to see on Netflix . In short: a dystopian series on dating 3.0 carried by a 100% Frenchy cast. Do you swipe?

The pitch that promises you love, the real one

In Paris, in the near future, a start-up is about to launch an application that will revolutionize dating. Osmosis (that's its name) is able to find your soul mate thanks to micro-robots implanted in the brain . They collect your intimate data and compare it to that of thousands of suitors. Then a tattoo lights up on the wrist and reveals the face of the loved one to you. Wow! Where do we sign?

Except… obviously… nothing is going to go as planned. Paul, the boss of Osmosis and his sister Esther, the software designer responsible for supervising the panel of beta testers , are let go by their shareholders one month before the launch. In addition, a mole in the pay of anti-technology activists opposed to Osmosis has infiltrated among the guinea pigs, determined to derail the project.

Black Mirror, less heavy

Cold light, strange characters, sanitized sets… a funny atmosphere for a romantic intrigue. And for good reason. Adapted from an Arte Creative web project , Osmosis is eyeing more Black Mirror than bluette with rosewater. There is an atmosphere and above all a theme dear to the cult English series: the excesses of new technologies , and their impact on human relations. In less weighting. Because under its air of depressive dystopia, the series explores, in the era of compulsive dating, a universal subject as old as the world: the quest for true love. Obviously, it speaks to us.

An ultra fresh casting


After Marseille and Plan Cœur , it is therefore the last French creation to join the Netflix team . Cock-a-doodle Doo ! At the helm, the showrunner in sight Audrey Fouché ( Borgia , Les RevENTS ...) and on the casting side, the headliners Agathe Bonitzer (perfect in Esther's skin for her first foray into a series) and the dashing Hugo Becker ( Baron Noir , In the service of France …), followed by a bunch of young talents: Manoel Dupont, Yuming Hey, Luna Cottis…

Verdict: A sci-fi series with an ultra clean look that skilfully combines love and technology and does not have to be ashamed of its American counterparts. It's a match!

March 29 on Netflix

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