The Act: the event series is finally released in France

Serie The Act

Incubated by Hulu, the punchy series The Act, awarded at the Golden Globes (the Oscars of the series) which made a big splash in the US finally arrives in France with Patricia Arquette, Joey King and Chloë Sevigny in a stunning performance.

The pitch

Dee Blanchard and her disabled teenage daughter arrive in Springfield and quickly integrate. Dee Dee is thrilled as Gypsy is about to receive the " Child of the Year " award, which flatters her super-mother ego.

An emergency draws the attention of a doctor who seems skeptical of Gypsy's disease who, for his part, proves to be more and more independent… Until the assassination of Dee Blanchard by her daughter's new boyfriend…

A news item that caused a sensation

A true phenomenon, this series returns to a chilling news item that had upset Americans. It is also the journalist Michelle Dean , at the origin of the investigation into this appalling case of abuse , who is the co-creator of The Act .

She had indeed revealed the toxic relationship that linked the mother to her daughter: a Münchhausen syndrome staged by Dee Blanchard who simulated her daughter's illnesses. Creepy at will.

The Act on POLAR + from May 4, Mondays at 8:50 p.m. (2 episodes / evening), and available on myCANAL.

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