The Fix: the feminist series based on the OJ Simpson affair

The Fix

A revenge-driven prosecutor, an elusive culprit and a legendary case: these are the ingredients of The Fix , the series produced by ABC , which lands on Monday evenings on France 2 .

The pitch

Maya Travis is a prosecutor. After a powerful Hollywood actor is found not guilty of the double murder he was accused of, his life is turned upside down. Convinced of her guilt during her trial which divided the country, the reputation of the young woman is destroyed after the verdict.

She was forced to go into exile and ended her career. Until, eight years later, Sevvy Johnson was again involved in a homicide, that of his current partner, violently murdered. Travis then returns to service in LA, desperate to dispense justice.

From a true story

The Fix was created by Marcia Clark, chief prosecutor in the OJ Simpson case who had fascinated the whole world in the 90s, and prompted Clark to resign after his acquittal. As Michel Denisot would say, any resemblance to people who really existed would be totally fortuitous… or not. “ Is this a revenge fantasy? Maybe , ”the show's author told US media.

For many, however, The Fix would be the fantasy of the affair as it should have unfolded for Clark, now author (she has written several novels including Without a Doubt , for which she received millions of dollars) and journalist for television. During " the trial of the century ", broadcast live on television, the life of the young woman had been thrown in the pasture, her divorce displayed in the media, her speeches shelled, photos of her topless published in a tabloid.

A feminist series

To set up The Fix , the former proc 'teamed up with Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain. Three women, therefore, is rare, to give life to the character of Maya Travis, played by Robin Tunney, on whose shoulders rest the ten episodes of this first season. In addition to the purely judicial aspect of the series, The Fix also addresses very topical subjects, in particular violence against women, and the impunity of their powerful attackers. But also sexism, omnipresent in a society still not very inclined to see male hegemony falter, and which does everything to stifle female ambition with small spikes or big maneuvers.

Robin Tunney Returns

Extrait de la série the fix avec Teresa Lisbon

As you watch the show, you're going to be like, “Oh, but I know that actress! ". We avoid a Google search: this little brunette embarked on the Johnson affair, you have already seen her in Mentalist (Teresa Lisbon) not long ago, but also a big decade ago in Prison Break , where she played the girlfriend of Dominic Purcell , brother of Michael Scofield , aka Wentworth Miller , the sexy tattooed brother who was looking to get out of jail.

Who is it for ?

For fans of soaps more than legal series. If the pitch and the first episodes foreshadow beautiful court scenes and an investigation modeled on the real case, the rest, and this is normal, deviates towards a pure fiction that meets the imperatives of the genre: twists, accelerated pace and intrigues parallels. You have to take The Fix for what it is, a classic of the genre, and not for a docu on OJ Simpson , and you will then happily enter the 10 episodes of a series which will have a priori only one season.

On the other hand, if you want to know more, immerse yourself without hesitation in American Crime Story season 1 (The People vs. OJ Simpsons) , a real reference in the United States, which offered Sarah Paulson, its main performer, the Emmy Award for the best actress and at the trial of the century a big renewed interest among the new generation.

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The Fix from Monday November 25 at 9 p.m. and in replay.

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