Validated: Franck Gastambide's series on rap lands on Canal


The pitch

Franck Gastambide ( Les Kairas, Pataya, Taxi 5 ) had dreamed of it for a long time. Create the first French series on the world of rap. After his successes on the big screen, the heavyweight of theatrical entries was able to have fun with Validé who, in 10 episodes of 30 minutes, plunges us into the "rap game" that the one who started with the Kourtrajmé team knows well. .

The starting point ?

Clement, a young man who dreams super talented to break into the middle encrusted in rap Planet Twitter, squatting on the mic and created a buzz on social networks. " Validated" by Mastar, one of the biggest salespeople in the business, he sees the realization of his biggest dream. Except that the universe of rappers, and especially record companies in 2020, is merciless. Between schemes, jealousies and settling of scores, Clément, aka Apash, accompanied by his two BFFs, discovers with a naive look that the artistic field is not free from cheap blows and pettiness (on the contrary?).

Hatik new star

Sabrina Ouazani dans la série Validé

One of the great successes of the series is the choice of its hero. Spotted last August with his Folding Chair mixtape , Hatik , 26, has a few things in common with his character. Passionate about rap and hard worker, the young man told AFP that it had taken him ten years to break through. After doing all the odd jobs possible, and recording over a thousand songs before agreeing to feel "good", Hatik's time has arrived.

Known by his peers in music, he arrives in front of the camera with a freshness and ease that may well catch the eye of many casting directors. Good news for the music industry but also for French cinema?

The world of labels

Validated , it is the discovery of the rap world, but also that of the music industry, of its manipulative artistic directors, of its way of seeing artists as products, of its schemes to subsist. Like these record companies who buy streams and views because it's the songs that hit the stream that go on the radio, and it is those that go on the radio that are clipped. We also discover with delight the fear of aging of star rappers, terrorized by the emergence of new talents, young young people with a flow that takes away the memory of their predecessors who have become old before their time. Rappers, Instagrammers, same fight?

A mess of guests

As in Ten percent (by the way, when is the next season?), Validé launched the invitations and hit the nail on the head in terms of prestigious guests. Like this episode where Kool Shen , in his own role, has an evening in his apartment ("My father was a fan of you, I've been listening to you since I was very little!") While Camille Lellouche manages the crazy fans who recognize her in the kitchen (we will not spoil more). We are talking about Kaaris and Booba , Lacrim and Fianso , while some also come to live with their presence in this series, well documented and certified by the community. A coming and going between fiction and reality which adds to the happiness of following the adventures of these stars of today, who have become the leaders of an industry that is almost dying.

Just for the first episode in free access, do not hesitate. This dive into the rap game is doing a lot of good!

bande annonce de la série Valide de Franck Gastambide

Available on March 20 in preview on Canal + series and My Canal (1st episode in clear, the 10 episodes directly accessible to subscribers). The weekly broadcast will follow in May.

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