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Having landed on France 2 she is going to shake up your feminist ideas. In the 1960s, Marie Gillain incarnates Christine Bauval, a famous anchorwoman, icon of all the housewives at the time. Quickly fed up with her role as a figurehead, Christine is determined to emancipate herself and to live her life as she wishes. Even it is does not please everyone … A breathtaking scenario that is sure to make you hooked.

Why you will adore it

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Halfway between the romanesque and the thriller, this series offers both an addictive and original scenario. When the best friend of Colette, the daughter of Christine, is found raped and murdered after going to a racy party attended by government ministers, all the eyes are riveted on the Ministry of Information, hence the directors of RTF, the TV station where the anchor-girl works. In parallel, while she goes all out to get her program accepted, Christine receives worrisome letters of threat and quickly understands she is stalked by an unknown person. In short, impossible to take your eyes off the screen.

A voyage through the France of Général de Gaulle

The scenario plunges us into an era those under 50 cannot know. With a background of the Algerian war, OAS attempts (organisation secret army), RTF (radiodiffusion-télévision française), the series offers an occasion to review your history courses and realize with joy that women have come quite a long way since then. Because at the time (illustrated with great costumes and decors), Christine Bauval, despite her anchorwoman job, is not allowed to have her own bank account, abortion is forbidden, and of course, she cannot work without the authorisation of husband (incarnated by the talented Guillaume de Tonquedec). But the anchorwoman does not intend to be pushed around by the diktats of her era and is ready to confront the masculine figureheads in front of her, even if it means getting in trouble. Her dream ? Creating and animating her own show of women’s interviews. We almost feel like fighting by her side.

A feisty feminist

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The series which takes place in the 1960s deals with themes that are still very modern: by visiting the backstage of power and television, we immediately bond with Christine, a strong heroine whose desires as a woman, duties as a mother and professional ambitions are not always compatible with her era. And efficient and intelligent series. It would be hard to ask for more.

Speakerine by Laurent Tuel starting the 15th of April at 9pm on France 2

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